Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BookTube-A-Thon 2017 » Making Monsters and Going Vegan

I've never been good with people telling me what to do. In any capacity. Even with a thing as innocuous as a BookTube-A-Thon. Last year, I had big plans for this YouTube reading event, but seized up because of all. that. structure. I didn't read a single word for enjoyment that entire, summer week in 2016. I felt like a gosh darn failure.

This year, though, I'm in a better mental place. I'm not "performing" the BookTube-A-Thon perfectly, but who cares? At least I'm reading and posting some videos about it. I'm not totally choking.

A Book Monster Is Born

I had a lot of fun with the first challenge of the week, which was to go on a little treasure hunt for words in a book and create a monster from the concepts you pulled. My monster was all too plausible.

The Vegan Tangent

My first book was finished yesterday — an easy, breezy audiobook on the virtues of Veganism, titled Skinny Bitch.

How is your booktube-a-thon going?


  1. *waves* I have to watch your vids when I get home today. (I'm at work You're lovely!

  2. Joy! I <3 seeing you around the internet! I seriously need to visit your blog. It's on my to-do's.