Thursday, August 4, 2016

Poppy & The Movie Version » Mini-Reviews #1


I almost feel like a TERRIBLE person for just giving this book 2 stars. This is what Ellen would call an 'issue' book. In this case, we tackle how mental illness can affect not just the individual suffering from it, but also the other family members. In The Movie Version, our focus is on Amelia.

Amelia is a typical teen girl with an older brother, Toby, and two younger twin brothers. She and Toby are incredibly close and throughout the book, we get to see instances from the past that really bonded the two together. I am a huge sucker for strong sibling relationships, and I chuckled with nostalgia at their 'Secret Sibling Society'.

Unfortunately, the pacing of the book wasn't for me. Essentially we are experiencing a year in Amelia's life but I couldn't connect to her very much. I liked the portrayal of her family (especially with the twins, making sure they are two separate characters instead of one) and even though I would occasionally get frustrated with Amelia and her friendships, I understood what she was going through. This book also featured the most realistic romantic and sexual relationship in any YA novel I have ever read. I LIKED so many aspects of this novel, but it wasn't a gripping read.

Just a warning, as the title suggests, Amelia is a movie buff. So there are a TON of quotes and movie references thrown about. That did jar me at first because I didn't always get the references, but I managed to keep going without letting it bother me.

It felt too 'meh' for me.

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I read Poppy a little while ago, and can't seem to remember too much about it (not a good sign). It's marketed as young adult but I think it would be more appropriate for middle-grade readers.

I liked Poppy as a character. She is hard-working and cares deeply for her family. When she gets the opportunity to assist the war effort as a VAD (essentially a volunteer nurse), she jumps at the chance and pours her heart and soul into the work. I really liked the historical elements of the novel. We get to see everyone's initial attitude toward the war and the slow shift that takes place as injured and dead soldiers flood back to England. This is also the beginning of women's independence as they shift from the private sphere to the public sphere in order to aid the war effort and to replace jobs that were previously occupied by men.

The romance in this novel is laughable at best. It is very insta-lovey. I have no idea how it happened. Though as I recall, it all began from a glance. A glance like no other.


Cause let's be real. I only look at chocolate cake that way. I'm clearly not cut out for human love.

I think this would be a decent historical fiction book for early middle-schoolers. If I knew that from the beginning, I might have been a little more generous with my rating. But because it was marketed to me as a young adult historical fiction novel, I expected a lot more.

I'm finally getting caught up with my reviews, guys! *does a little happy dance*


  1. Lol. "The Glance" many a soul have fallen for that. Anyway, I'm not familiar with either of this, so I guess that's a good thing, yeah?

  2. I've never heard of either of these...but if I had to choose one to read it might be Poppy. But I would like to try to figure out all of those movie references!

  3. Sorry these were both just meh reads for you, hopefully your next is a better one.

  4. There's nothing wrong with lusting looks at chocolate cake! :D

    I have to admit that your review for the Movie Version has just added it to my to-read list. IT sounds adorable but I can completely understand why the pacing made it less enjoyable for you.

  5. I don't think you'd enjoy these at all, so it's best to stay away :). I almost died laughing when I saw the GIF and just HAD to add it here. You might see this every post from now on :P

  6. Figuring out the movie references was fun! I was pleased that I knew more than half of them as I'm more of a TV buff than a movie buff :).

  7. I'm glad you added it! I hope you enjoy it more than I did :).

  8. I got approved to read Poppy and The Movie Version on NetGalley too! While I didn't mind the actual MOVIES part of the Movie Version, I just felt like there was NO learning curve about schizophrenia, just how 'not cool' Amelia's brother was anymore, and that sucked.

    I haven't gotten to Poppy yet, but IT'S LIKE AN MG NOVEL? And Insta-Love? Oh. No. It's going to take me a while to start it now.