Saturday, December 2, 2017


Oh my God, you guys. If people knew about Playster, the media subscription service with an audiobook-only option, then Audible would see their customers defect in droves. Playster is quite the secretive little company, and book lovers on budgets need to know about it.

Playster offers a one month free trial, which actually didn't impress me that much... because I didn't know how to find the good audiobooks on the website. For all of Playster's good qualities, they make it nearly impossible to browse their collection.

Then I saw a screenshot of a book blogger listening to a really awesome audiobook on Playster. I got curious and signed back up. Then... after a little finagling, I found the hack.

Take a look at the audiobooks I found...

assorted literary audiobooks on playster

a few YA Fantasy audioBooks on Playster

some ya contemporary audioBooks on Playster

a bunch of Historical romance audioBooks on Playster

a ton of ya urban fantasy audiobooks on playster

a few self-help audiobooks on playster

some mystery & thriller audiobooks on playster

a selection of ya dystopian & sci-fi audiobooks on playster

a smattering of celebrity memoir audiobooks on playster

Guys... SO many of the audiobooks that I bought on Audible are available on Playster. It's maddening! If only I'd known, I would have saved so much money.

But yeah, I bet you want to know how I found all of these hot titles, which actually represent only a fraction of Playster's full collection. Here's the thing...

Browsing Playster is almost useless. You need to SEARCH for AUTHORS directly.

That's right! To build up playlists you can get excited about, search for your favorite authors. Even if Playster doesn't have all of writers' books, they usually have a lot of their catalogues. Because of that, it's SO much easier than searching individual titles, one at a time.

And more than that, a lot of the time, I searched for a title and couldn't find it, ONLY TO FIND IT LATER WHEN I SEARCHED BY THE AUTHOR.

Guys. If you are a lover of audiobooks and haven't tried out Playster yet, get to it. Just use my handy-dandy search hack and build up an amazing playlist for yourself.


  1. Please don't use Playster!
    They're doubling the price for an audiobook subscription soon! It's going to be $29.95 for the full library. The $14.95 membership will get you UNDER HALF of the available library! I have proof.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I actually have already unsubscribed after being frustrated by a number of things. I plan to write a post about it soon!