Monday, August 8, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books with the Wrong Main Character

top ten tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week is Top Ten Tuesday REWIND. Ellen thought it would be a good idea to pick our Top 10 books that we feel had the wrong main character. As in a peripheral character deserved the main role. Sierra was quite thrilled with this choice of topic.

Here we go!

Sierra's Picks

Twilight Saga · Stephanie Meyer
Alternative Main Character: Alice

twilightThis is the FIRST book that popped into my head. I despised Bella and her relationships. We all know the various problems this series has. But I adore Alice and really enjoyed her relationship with Jasper. It's way less... gross.

Vampire Academy · Richelle Mead
Alternative Main Character: Lissa/Christian

vampire academy coverI read the Vampire Academy series sometime last year. As the series progressed, Rose got increasingly on my nerves. I was never a fan of the Dmitri/Rose relationship because I couldn't wrap my head around a teacher/student relationship. But what pissed me off the MOST was how Rose treated Lissa. They were supposed to be best friends but Rose constantly kept secrets from Lissa. THAT IS NOT BEST FRIENDSHIP. I would have picked Adrian to be the alternative main character but since he has the Bloodlines series, I went with Lissa and/or Christian.

Broken Prince · Erin Watt
Alternative Main Character: Sebastian/Sawyer

brokenprinceEllen picked this one too. But she decided on a different main character! She got to him first. I, on the other hand, would have loved to see the book from Sebastian's or Sawyer's point of view. Because we know next to nothing about them! And as I have already mentioned a few times, I HATE that they are not treated like two separate characters just because they are identical twins. I feel like we already have some idea of who Easton is. Sebastian and Sawyer could definitely use the limelight.

The Lumatere Chronicles · Melina Marchetta
Alternative Main Character: Finnikin

Froi of the Exiles by Melina MarchettaThis might be a bit of a cheat and I will explain why in just a moment. The first book in the trilogy is Finnikin of the Rock which features Finnikin as the main character. The second book is Frio of the Exiles (pictured above) featuring Froi. The last book is Quintana of Charyn featuring (take a wild guess!) Quintana. Even though I thought this was a wonderful series, I JUST MISSED FINNIKIN SO MUCH. I would have been slightly more happy if all the books were just written in his perspective. I don't adapt to change very well when I'm in love with a character...

The Liveship Traders · Robin Hobb
Alternative Main Character: Althea & Paragon

shipofmagic*Ahem* This might also be kind of another cheat. Althea is indeed a main character. But one of several! As I've mentioned in a previous Top Ten Tuesday post, I didn't bother reading any of the other perspectives but the ones I was interested in. And as I recall, as the trilogy progressed, she was one of the peripheral main characters. However, I think the whole book should have just been about her, Brashen and Paragon.

Ellen's Picks

Persuasion · Jane Austen · Alternative Main Character: Wentworth

persuasion cover

 Jane Austen is well known for never having written from the male perspective. Scholars have theorized that Austen didn't feel comfortable taking on the voice of the opposite gender. Whatever the reason, I think Austen would have done an amazing job if she'd taken on the challenge. Persuasion, from Anne's perspective is amazing, but getting the story from the cryptic Wentworth's point of view would also have been fantastic.

Broken Prince · Erin Watt · Alternative Main Character: Easton


Broken Prince was a dual narration between Reed and Ella. I actually didn't like Reed's voice so much. I thought we got answers much too quickly after the cliffhanger shock of Paper Princess. Instead of getting insight into Reed's head straight away, it would have been cool to get an alternative perspective from one of the younger brothers. I think Easton has a lot of potential on that front.

Diplomats and Fugitives · Lindsay Buroker · Alternative Main Character: Amaranthe

diplomats and fugitives cover

If you've been following this blog for any duration, you might know that one of my favorite series of all time is Emperor's Edge by the self-published author, Lindsay Buroker. Back when Sierra and I first became friends, in fact, the first books I foisted upon her were Buroker's! My heart was utterly broken when the Emperor's Edge series came to a close with its eighth book. You'd think that would be enough books from Amaranthe's perspective... not even close. When Buroker announced a continuation novel, Diplomats and Fugitives, from Basilard's perspective, I was happy, but also crushed. Amaranthe is my HEROINE.

Saint Anyting · Sarah Dessen · Alternative Main Character: Mac

saint anything cover

Like Jane Austen, Sarah Dessen writes exclusively from the female voice. However, with so many books under her belt now, Dessen's main characters are beginning to seem very one-note. I'm getting tired of the quiet, introspective girl main character. Especially with Dessen's latest works, I haven't been into her protagonists at all. However, I did really like Mac, the love interest from Saint Anything. I liked his backstory. I liked his vibe. Maybe it wouldn't make too big of a difference, since Mac was also kind of... quiet and introspective... but perhaps the swap would have livened up a floppy story.

Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line · Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham · Alternative Main Character: Mac

veronica mars cover

This breaks my heart a little, because I LOVE Veronica Mars's character. She is an icon! And yet and yet and yet, and I've spoken to Sierra about this, I felt that book-Veronica was so much more somber than TV-Veronica. She hardly felt like the same character we know and love! I believe that Kristen Bell's performance has so much to do with Veronica's spirit. So with the book continuations, it would have been cool to see another character shine. My pick is Mac! I would love to get to know that tech-genius better!

 We're looking forward to YOUR Top Ten Tuesday posts! Leave us a comment below so we can visit :). Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh, Finnikin! <3 And I would've loved to see a book/series with Lissa and Christian as the main characters. Great list, and thanks for sharing. :)
    Here's my TTT

  2. What an interesting post! Twilight from Alice's point of view would have been very intriguing.

  3. I love this idea and list! It's so much fun. I do agree that in the book, Veronica was a tad more somber. I'd love to see a story from Mac's eyes too!

  4. Oh interesting topic. Christian would have been really interesting as the main character of Vampire Academy!

  5. Oh - the Veronica Mars books would have been fantastic with alternate MCs. Mac was one of my favourite shows in the show and I would have loved seeing how everything changed for her from her point of view.

  6. Yes, Mac could have made an excellent main character!

    Plus for the third Twilight book, I think Jasper could have made an interesting lead - or a story about his life pre-Cullens. That might have been my kind of vampire book! :)

  7. Giving you 5 extra points for wanting more Finnikin. Lol.

  8. This is the best TTT I've seen today! :D Especially like your suggestion about Twilight. Alice would have been so much better.

  9. Great List!
    I loved Dimka and Rose :(
    My TTT.

  10. You're not alone, Mariela! I loved them, too! As much as it pains me, I'm going to have to separate myself from Sierra on this point. Haha, but no, I completely get where Sierra is coming from, but I didn't have the reaction she did to Dimitri and Rose. For the most part, I loved the duo.

  11. Thank you, Anastasia! I'm so glad you like our topic! As for Sierra's first pick, I agree. Alice would have been an incredible MC, and it would have changed the story dramatically. But I think of something Leigh Bardugo has said... that she wasn't able as a writer to create something like Six of Crows on her first go writing. She had to work up to it. I think that Meyer is capable of writing a complex, Alice-driven saga NOW, but at the beginning of her career, all she could handle was probably Bella's POV.

  12. I'm pretty sure I get -5 points here, because Froi of the Exiles is my favorite book of the series, totally because of Froi! After having read the first book, I would NOT have said that. At all. But his voice surprised and delighted me in both Froi of the Exiles and Quintana of Charyn.

  13. Hi, Lauren! Absolutely! I'm so glad we agree about Mac! It's her turn to shine. Like Veronica, she's a smart, inspirational woman, with a distinct voice. A book from her perspective would thrill me.

    And I agree about rewind of the Twilight Saga! There is so much backstory potential there.

  14. I'm so happy we're on the same page about this, Kate! I can picture what a book from Mac's perspective would be like so vividly... and it looks awesome! Besides, post-movie Mac is working for Mars Investigations, so she would definitely be part of the action!

  15. I will say that I would LOVE more Vampire Academy centered books from Richelle Mead... but maybe another spinoff featuring Lissa and Christian!! That would be BOSS. But nothing can take away my original, Rose Hathaway centered books! I love that sensitive, brave badass so much.

  16. Obviously, we need to start an online petition for this! Mac needs a spinoff series in book form! I don't know how many people read the Veronica Mars books, because I haven't heard news about a third one, but a girl can dream!

  17. Absolutely! The books would have had such a different vibe with Alice as the MC. More edgy and mature, I think.

  18. I agree, a Lissa/Christian storyline following her story post VA would be incredible! She and he have so much going on! I'd buy those books! In fact, I'd shove my money in great piles towards Richelle for those books.

  19. The crazy part about this post is that I haven't read any of these, so I can disagree or agree either way. I can't wait to read them and see how I feel.

  20. I loved Alice, I would have loved to have more from her POV in the series. Fun topic!

  21. That is a very interesting take on the REWIND topic, main characters who were wrong. Love it. I haven't thought of books that way, but now I will.

  22. Ellen and I rarely disagree. But this is one of those times!
    Part of it is that I come from a culture where teachers are considered to be superior beings. Knowledge is synonymous with getting closer to God. So the person who gives you knowledge is teaching you about God (if that makes sense). So we look at them in a priest-ish manner. I still get uncomfortable when I hear of relationships occurring between professors and grad-students (even though both are adults and the relationship is consensual). Just the idea of any teacher/student relationship makes me incredibly uncomfortable. And I just couldn't get over that for Dmitri and Rose.

  23. I hope you get to read some of these books! I'd love to know your thoughts on them :)

  24. Thank you! All the credit goes to Ellen :)

  25. OOOOH! I haven't actually read the twilight series, but I have seen the movies (the bookworm shame, oh god) (crawls into hole) and well, I LOVED ALICE. She was so bubbly and funny and contrasted pretty much every character in there! Also, I think Sarah Dessen's thing is all about the girls:P I haven't connected with her recent MC's either, not like with her initial books.

    Lovely Post!