Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Prodigal Summer Review (The Video Blog Has Launched!)

Saints preserve us all, but I've decided to give video blogging a go.  I'm not a camera-hungry person, so this process was fairly nerve-wracking, but I thought it would be cool to put myself out there in a more personal way. 

I tried to edit the video, but I found iMovie to be pretty incomprehensible, so it's all in one, poorly lit take.

I decided to review Barabara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer, first up. I hope you all enjoy! 

UPDATE: My excellent brother-in-law took pity on my nonexistent editing abilities and re-did my video for me! That's him playing the mandolin in the opening! Stay tuned, readers, for even more advancements in video-making!


  1. Congratulations!!
    I'm planning on doing video blogging in January, so you won't be alone :).
    It's always nice to be able to match a person/voice with their writing.
    You look (and sound) gorgeous, btw :P.

    1. Hey! So nice to get feedback! That's awesome that you're going to start video blogging. If we stumble across any actual video editing talent between the two of us, we can share tips. And thank you for the kind words; I put on lip gloss and the type of foundation that's used to cover tattoos. It was like armor!

  2. First off, you are a beautiful girl! <3 And good job. Video blogging is not for everyone but, girl it's so you. :) Anyway, I've read Poisonwood Bible many moons ago as well, but I didn't enjoy it as much. She didn't make an impact as much as she did on you, anyway.

    I'm curious about this book, and hopefully it'll give me a better impression of Kingsolver. Keep those vlogs coming!

    1. Thank you! Between you and Sierra, my head might take off like a hot air balloon. I can totally understand why Poisonwood Bible might not make as strong an impression on other readers as it did on me. I'm sure part of why it stuck with me was that I had to write about 10 pages of essays on it. I did really fall in love with Kingsolver's style, as well. However, I've read other books of hers and Poisonwood Bible and Prodigal Summer are my favorites by far. I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on Prodigal Summer, though, so consider putting it on your TBR list!