Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review: The Sisters Brothers

Title: The Sisters Brothers
Author: Patrick DeWitt
Published: April 2011
Publisher: Ecco

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This was a solid neo-western, and marked the first book in a looong time that I recommended to my dad, that he read, and that he actually enjoyed. He, in turn, recommended it to a dude co-worker who like it. Maybe I should read outside of my comfort genre more often!

The book follows two brothers whose last name is... Sisters. They're in the business of killing, and their story departs when they receive the order from their boss to dispatch a man called Hermann Warm, who also happens to be an eccentric and a genius. The first part of the book is comprised of a string of travel vignettes; the latter half of the book deals with the actual killing business.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this descriptive, stop-and-start, first portion more than the latter, plot-driven half. There was a lot of opportunity for humor. Two standouts: Eli's simple-minded narration and his treasure of a horse, Tub. Poor, poor Tub.

I refer this book to people who like Westerns and to people who wished they liked Westerns.

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