Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pretty Girls Review » A Day In the Life of Karin Slaughter, Horror Novelist

In lieu of an actual book review for Pretty Girls, I'm going to share with you some thoughts I had post-read about its author.  While I was reading the book, and for a good while after, I found myself wondering — really, thinking with wonder — about what kind of person Karin Slaughter is, and what kind of life she must lead to be able to take her mind such horrific places with such attention to detail.  I started creating little scenarios in my head of what her day is like.

8:00 AM: Karin Slaughter gets out of bed.

8:05 AM: Karin Slaughter pours herself a cup of black coffee in a mug emblazoned with the words: FUCK COZY MYSTERIES.

8:10 AM: Karin Slaughter watches the daily news and takes notes with black, black ink.

9:00 AM: Karin Slaughter logs in to the dark web.

10:00 AM: Karin Slaughter receives a visit from the FBI.  She apologizes for being in her pajamas.

11:30 AM: Karin Slaughter walks the FBI to the door.  The agents clutch their signed books, as they apologize for the confusion.

1200 AM: Karin Slaughter retrieves her mail.  She finds a letter addressed to her old name, Karin Darling.  She sets it on fire.

12:10 AM: Karin Slaughter begins to write.

12:30 AM: Karin Slaughter turns on her white noise machine to muffle the sound of her neighbor's chainsaw.  She picks the heartbeat option and is pleased when the machine malfunctions and the heartbeat starts to stutter.

3:00 PM: The combined sounds of the faltering heartbeat and distant chainsaw inspires Karin Slaughter.  Her fingers fly across the keyboard.

5:00 PM: Having written 10,000 usable words, Karin Slaughter stops writing for the day.

5:10 PM: Karin Slaughter goes into her basement and doesn't come out for several hours.

8:30 PM: Karin Slaughter eats rare steak for dinner and cuts her meat into tiny little bloody pieces.

9:00 PM: Karin Slaughter watches Dateline with a bowl of popcorn.

11:00 PM: Karin Slaughter flosses very thoroughly.

11:30 PM: Karin Slaughter sleeps like a baby.




  1. Ha. I love this! I haven't read a book by this author, so I'm going to put it in my back pocket for future read.

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  3. Heh. Thanks. I had a lot of fun writing it! It's too easy with a name like "Slaughter"